Im Bored.

Wank time?

Shower time;

So i’ve just had a really nice shower, my cock got so hard my bell was bulging! I shall upload photos of me getting ‘dried’

smells like pre-cum.

apieceofhim asked:
Hey! Would u mind letting me know when u post ur first cock picture? Tnx

Hi! Within the next few hours, remember to re-blog!

My First Day;

This is my 1st day on Tumblr.

So let me give you the low-down on me.

This is my Blog, I will basically post pictures/stories/gifs on my day-to-day wanking and horny business.

The first bit of business I will tell you is about my cock.

My cock is 6inch.

I will post images later tonight. 



Im the TeenWankBlogger, and this is my page.

Here I will upload pictures of the most private situations in my life.

Enjoy my page and Follow.